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Janardhan, Director

Janardhan is the founder of De Terrain Estates and sets the Big Vision for the growth of the Company. A first generation entrepreneur, Janardhan started from humble beginnings. He started his career with the primary objective of transacting in the simple buying and selling of land. Under his able guidance the company has now matured into a full service Real Estate Development firm with focus on Residential, Commercial, Leisure and Hospitality Properties. Janardhan envisions creating an unparalleled Business Model where people don't just have Ownership of the Property but are also able to maximize its Utilization with assured and regular Revenue Generation. He believes strongly in Fostering Symbiotic Partnerships.


About DeTerrain Estates

DeTerrain's primary business is development of Residential, Commercial and Hospitality properties. The company has a unique business model with earnings arising from development and rentals. Its exposure across businesses, segments and geographies, mitigates any down-cycles in the market.

The Homes business caters to 3 segments of the residential market - Super Luxury, Luxury and Premium. The product offering involves a wide range of products including self-owned Resorts, Duplexes, Row Houses, Villas and Apartments of varying sizes.DeTerrain can be credited with introducing and pioneering the revolutionary concept of developing Residential Homes in Pristine Locations, which can double up as Resorts when the owners are not occupying them thus providing Return on Investment to its owners

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Our Latest Project - Nirvana Resorts

Nirvana Resort is a comprehensively planned gated community, presenting you the most captivating way of enjoying the resplendency of Coorg. The Cottages and Villas which sprawl across the 13 acres of Flourishing Plantations have been meticulously planned, designed and executed to perfection, thus enriching your overall experience several notches up. Within the constraints of the gates, you can find a combination of expansive freedom and modern amenities.

Situated in the picturesque venue of lofty Mountains, safe forests and interminable country paths, Coorg is an adventurer's Shangri-La. The landscape offers equal opportunity for adrenaline pumping action or for providing the litmus test for your lungs in the sloping elevations of Western Ghats.

Nirvana Resorts is located just 3.5 kilometers from the City Center of Madikeri which is soon expanding. Schools, Colleges, Banks, ATM Centers, Health Care Centers, Grocery Shops, Transportation Services, and other daily quintessential needs are all located within a 5 km radius.

We dont just ensure the security of your property but also of the Nature surrounding it. Our stringent Terms and Conditions ensure that no Trees are felled in the property and all the Construction is carried out in the earmarked spaces only


  •  A full-fledged Resort
  •  Well Equipped Spa
  •  Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
  •  Health Clubs
  •  Swimming Pool
  •  Tennis Courts



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